Blackeagle Safety Threepeat! Wins DCA Arthur T. Everham Safety Award for Third Year in a Row

Blackeagle receives the award for 500,000-2,000,000 man-hours in 2018

BERTHOUD, Colo., April 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Blackeagle Energy Services (“Blackeagle”), a leader in the utility and energy industries, has been awarded the Distribution Contractors Association (“DCA”) Arthur T. Everham Safety Award. The DCA established the award in 1986 to recognize contractors with exceptional safety programs. Blackeagle receives the award for 500,000-2,000,000 man-hours in 2018.

Find out more about Blackeagle’s commitment to safety:

Presented annually, the prestigious award is named for Mr. Everham, who founded a construction company in the early 1950s to serve the oil and natural gas industries. When he joined DCA, he advocated for safety in an industry that, at the time, was rife with hazards. After his passing, the DCA named its safety award for him.

“Safety is essential to our work family and vital to our business,” said Blackeagle CEO Joe Colletti. “Since winning the safety award for the first time three years ago, we have implemented new techniques to improve our ability to identify potential hazards in advance and rewarding our employees to correct them on the spot. This is a program we call the ‘Good Catch’ program and it has helped us get better from when we were just good.”

Judging criteria includes:

  • the number of OSHA lost workday cases
  • number of OSHA restricted duty days
  • number of first-aid cases
  • the presence of a documented safety program
  • the use of a drug-testing program
  • the company’s Experience Modification Rate

Blackeagle’s SVP, Scott Yenzer stated: “It was an honor to receive the award on behalf of our hardworking and courageously caring team. We know that the culture of caring about each other drives the safety in the field and our field teams are the true heroes and recipients of this award.”

“This award validates the effectiveness of Blackeagle’s performance management system, of which safety is a key component,” said Blackeagle Director of Environmental Health and Safety Earl Worth. “We build safety into our core standard operating procedures, starting with our rigorous employee selection and training process, which includes pre-employment integrity testing, skills-based onboarding and operator qualifications. We reinforce safe behavior with our good-catch recognition program, safety audits and weekly craft-level performance scorecards that span the life of our projects and reinforce our safety culture.”

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