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Blackeagle — a trusted partner assisting traditional and alternative energy clients navigate the energy transition. Our crews provide civil, mechanical, and fabrication services to meet the growing reliance on energy sources such as wind, biogas, hydrogen and more. Decarbonized electricity grids, much like traditional energy, must serve intermittent supply. Utilities, regulators and investors rely on us to support utility-scale distribution and storage, literally shifting energy across time and locations to provide real-time grid balancing.

methanization of biomass, EXPERTISE:  Biogas/Biofuel

Hydrogen Production Facilities • Anaerobic Digestor and Gas Upgrade Systems • Refinery Conversion to Renewable Diesel • Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)

Renewable. Not new.

No longer classified as frontier technology, the renewable market has reached a mature status, and development is closer to utility-like infrastructure investments. Blackeagle is there. From power generation from various sources — wind energy, solar photovoltaic energy, as well as hydroelectric energy — to the electrical transformation of these natural energies at plants and substations. Our energy transmission teams are expert consults.

An unsung hero of the renewable energy movement and among the fastest-growing renewable energy markets, biogas takes literal waste and transforms it into usable methane gas. This gas is used to provide heat, electricity, and even fuel for vehicles. Blackeagle is experienced in all aspects of biogas harvesting and transport, from construction of anaerobic digestors crucial to the conversion process to gas upgrade systems to the infrastructure required to transport product to its destination. The result is pipeline-quality renewable natural gas (RNG) that is transported via HDPE pipeline to an injection and metering site with local distribution.

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