Corporate Responsibility.

People. Environment. Customer. When we do all three first, and we do, we know our priorities are in line. We make ourselves accountable to them all, and none outweighs the other. A job is only successful when all stakeholders are positively impacted, so our culture dictates we remember what comes first.


When you get right down to it, every business is a people business.

That’s because people are making the decisions, performing the work—and being impacted by that work. We invest in our people, choosing the right individuals for our work and culture, providing processes and training that set them up for success, and ongoing rewards for outstanding performance. We support the missions of our customers, becoming extensions of their own team, being transparent, fair, and honest in our dealings. We’re always focused on the finished product, knowing that it must be reliable, efficient, and safe to protect the public interest. Our medium may be metal, polymers, and natural resources … but our business is people.


Environmental conscientiousness.

Blackeagle seeks to be a good steward of the world’s natural resources.

Our work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We’re out there in the wider world, every day. The things we do interface with nature at a fundamental level. It’s critically important that we interact with the environment from a position of respect and care.

When our Our work requires disturbing the earth, we don’t move until studying the environmental impact. When work is complete, we return the site as we found it, as closely as possible, and in some cases improve it.

When we’re building infrastructure to carry natural resources, it’s done with precision and integrity to protect the resources within and help prevent leaking into surrounding environment. We’re helping to both protect against waste and contamination while also maximizing the value and usefulness of the product within. That’s the smart, responsible thing to do.

When we’re at a job site, we act to do as little harm as possible, and to avoid permanent harm at all costs.


Our business is built on three key principles: accountability, consistency, and safety.

These principles influence our approach to our work, your projects, our customers, the community, and each other. They create a plumb line to guide our decisions and actions, and to help assure customers they’re getting what we promised.


We are accessible to our customers, ready to answer questions, and set high standards. We continuously measure against those standards, report our results in project scorecards, and make adjustments as needed. This also allows us to identify and reward high performers.


Blackeagle’s processes, training, and strict hiring practices enable us to deliver consistent and reliable results. Process gives new employees a template for excellence, and expert veterans simultaneously master and reinforce these processes for continuous improvement.


Safety is something we plan for. At every level of Blackeagle – in the field, in the office, on the street – we set high standards for safety. Our safety record consistently surpasses industry averages for Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), reflecting our determination to keep safety a top-of-mind priority for our entire team.

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